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Why you should hire a HSR Certified Home Stager

Anyone can call themself a stager, but wouldn’t you want a certified professional to work in your home? Here at Bay Gold Designs, we personally ensure all our stagers are certified via accredited and Real Estate Association-recognized HSR Staging certification program. We promise to assign one lead designer to each staging project to personally oversee your project to ensure a beautiful design and a smooth staging day.

Full/Vacant Staging

Don’t reduce your price, increase your appeal! Starting at $4,500

Staging your property for sale allows buyers to make an emotional connection so they can imagine themselves living in the home. We help you sell that dream. 

Home Staging entails removing any personal style from a home and focusing on emphasizing its most valuable features. We bring in brand new, on-trend furnishings and decor that is simple, neutral, and appeals to the broadest range of potential home buyers. If your buyer wants to purchase your property fully furnished, we are happy to sell our top-quality furnishings with your listing!

Occupied Staging

We specialize in occupied stages. Starting at $300

Oftentimes sellers need to reside in their homes during the sales process to ensure they can move after the home is sold. We are highly trained professionals that are able to come in for comprehensive consultations to recommend how to arrange their furnishings, what items to remove/store, which items can be used, and what additions we can provide via rental to your clients to best show their property during the sales process. This method has proven to significantly increase your bottom line and significantly decrease the property’s time on the market.

Partial Staging

Create an oasis that feels like home. Starting at $3,500

According to industry analysis, staged homes sell faster and for a higher price than those that are un-staged. Looking to make an impact but curve some of the cost? Partial staging is the perfect solution to stage the main areas such as the living room, kitchen, dining room, & primary bedroom but leaving the rest to the buyers’ imagination. Staging just some of the areas has proven to still make a significant impact compared to leaving it un-staged or using virtual staging which often leaves buyers disappointed when they show up to view the property and find it empty. Let the professionals create a custom staging plan for your listing, schedule a consultation today.

About Staging


The bottom line is, Staging is essentially FREE when executed correctly by significantly adding value to your home and significantly reducing the time it spends on the market helping you avoid carrying costs. According to Bankrate.com Home Staging has a 586% ROI (return on investment) which may be the very best investment you make when preparing your home for the real estate market.

Staging Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How does our staging work?

1)We schedule a staging consultation to conduct a walk-through, and get to know you and your property. FREE for vacant staging consultations, and $300 for occupied staging consultations.

2) We prepare a staging proposal including our staging plan and a furniture selection list to provide the clearest plan of action for you. This step also includes our contract and payment system for you to review.

3) If you are a Real Estate agent, once approved we submit this to your client so that they can sign the contract and make payments directly, you will be CC’d on all correspondence. Deposit payment is due at contract at 55%, the remaining 45% will be due on staging installation day.

4) We schedule your staging day, on average 1 week out from contract signature and deposit payment. We complete your staging in 1 business day.

How much does staging cost? – Home Staging costs are a direct reflection of the amount and quality of items you will receive. All staging is not created equal, we pride ourselves on creating fully maximized staging designs. We compete on quality, not pricing. Here is a rough estimate Vacant staging price sheet:

1 Bedroom: $3,500 – $4,500
2 Bedroom: $4,500 – $6,500
3 Bedroom: $5,500 – $7,500
4 Bedroom: $6,500 – $9,500
5 Bedroom: $8,500 – $10,500+

Prices may vary depending on outdoor areas, extra family rooms, or dens. Prices may increase or decrease depending on the luxury level of staging provided, which is based on each property’s needs. Prices for partial or occupied staging will be a fraction of the cost depending on the exact areas staged and the rental items needed.

What are the different consultations we offer?

– We offer vacant staging consultations complimentary.

Occupied staging consultations are $350 consultation fee, this type of consultation is comprehensive up to 2-hour consultation that covers all recommendations for the seller from paint, to furniture arrangement, etc. Realtors and sellers find this extremely helpful when preparing their listing for sale by taking the guesswork out of the process and letting a professional recommend the necessary steps to get the listing market-ready.

-Design Updates consultations are recommended to help get your listing market-ready. During this consultation, we recommend light fixtures, paint colors, flooring, hardware, etc. to bring your listing up to par for the best possible outcome. We include a written recommendations list with links to the materials we recommend. This is an up to 2-hour consultation and is a $350 fee. This also includes a staging report and proposal.

Do we offer virtual consultations? – Yes, we offer virtual consultations FREE. We require you send us photos and/or videos of the property with an emphasis on the areas to be staged, in advance for us to review. We schedule a zoom meeting with you to go over our recommendations and write you a proposal based on the photos you provided.

How long are the staging contract terms? – We use a standard 60-day staging contract agreement, we find approximately 95% of our staged listings sell in under 60 days. We offer a low per-day price available for prorated staging extensions. We offer 90-day contract terms per request.

How long does it take you to stage a property? – It takes us 1 business day to complete any size stage. We have a large team of professionals to complete your staging project in just 1 day.

Is everyone on the team certified? – We schedule at least One lead designer on each staging project that is HSR certified. All of our design assistants are currently in design school, are offered continuous education, and are passionate about design.

Are we insured and can we provide a COI (Certificate of Insurance)? – Yes, we are insured and can add any HOA or person to our COI upon advance request. Our moving company is also insured and can also provide COI upon request.

What are our COVID precautions? – Our team members are fully vaccinated and wear masks for the entirety of each staging project. We carry hand sanitizer with us at all times and wipe surfaces with Clorox wipes before completing your staging project.

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