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When staging a home, it may be hard to know where to start. We have come across a great article by Monika Bhondy that has helpful tips on what to do. Monika has 7 categories that you should tackle to get your staging project done right! The categories are neutral palate, artwork, bedrooms, bathrooms, declutter, lighting scent, and drapery.

You want the home to speak in the area that it is in, not be an eye sore. Staging the home to attract all different types of crowds is key! When it comes to staging you got to focus on all the details. Think, when you walk into a new home what do you look at first?

The scent of homemade cookies can trigger ones mind to thinking how great that kitchen would be to cook and bake in.

When staging the bedroom it should feel ‘hotel’ like. Being fresh crisp linens, big cozy pillows, or a nice plush throw blanket. Bedrooms can really make or break a potential sale!

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Give the article ‘Use These Staging Tips When Working With Sellers’ by Monika Bhondy a read and let us know what you think:

Use These Staging Tips When Working With Sellers