A Rug Adds a Touch of Beauty to Your Room

We all love to decorate our house in our own way, putting in our personal touch in all the rooms and in every corner. We should not ignore the floors as well. It not only enhances the beauty of the room but also serves as a good place to sit and enjoy.

Weaving was first started in 6000 B.C. Excavations near the Caspian Sea have proved this fact, and rugs were made around the same time as man learnt weaving.

The first rugs were made of rough skin and were used for cave protection. Egyptians were making excellent rugs well in 3rd millennium B.C.

Rugs can be classified in many types according to the material used, the method of making them, the use they are put to, etc. According to the material used, rugs can be simply classified as being wool rugs, silk rugs etc, and they can be classified as per the use they are put to like, Prayer Rugs, Door Rugs, Sleeping Rugs etc.

Wool rugs have become very popular these days among others available. They can breathe new life and beauty into your home without the hassle and expense of a major renovation. They are one of the most desired home luxuries in the world. They are made from the oldest textile fibers ñ wool, and as wool has always stood the test of time because of its unique natural properties, rugs made of wool have the same benefits. Though there are many other fibers, still nothing can beat the natural properties of wool.

Types of wool rugs:

Wool rugs are of different types ranging from traditional, oriental, Persian, machine made, hand made, and contemporary. Each stands as a masterpiece on its own. The quality and prices of these wool rugs could be different depending on the type of wool, as there are about 200 varieties of sheep. The fiber would vary considerably in texture across the body of an individual sheep, as well as differences based on the sex of the sheep. It also depends on the nutrition of the sheep, their age and also general health.

The fiber for the wool rugs is selected for durability and long wearing, and is generally harsh in consistency; unlike the soft and delicate fibers used for making sweaters and gloves. The texture of the fiber is dependent on the level of scratchiness that is used in the finished rug, and the quality of finished fiber also depends on the manner it is processed by the rug producers.

Why choose wool rugs?

Though there are rugs made of other fibers, wool stands out from all. Wool usually sets the standard for fine carpet because of the excellent design and the performance. Wool accepts dye to its core, producing colors of depth and long lasting beauty. It is possible that you may have to spend a good amount of money, as wool rugs cost more than the normally available synthetic ones; but wool rugs offer long-term investment returns via enhanced durability, and they are quite easy to maintain.

In terms of wearability, wool rugs have natural resistance to any abrasion and it keeps its original look and feel, be it the color or texture, longer than other fibers. You would have no problem cleaning them as wool is not soiled very easily and can be cleaned readily. Using the vacuum cleaner can remove dirt on the surface and any ground-in dirt. Wool rugs require less frequent and less rigorous wet cleaning than synthetics with responsive spot cleaning and routine vacuuming. Wool rugs can be of great help in keeping the temperature warm or cool depending on the season, as wool is known to keep the environment warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Wool rugs save energy by reducing heat loss through floors.

Wool rugs are available in different colors and designs. Usually it depends on the type of fibers as to what designs are made. So if you are looking for recreating your house, don’t look past a nice rug. It will add a touch of beauty to your room and you can relax and chill in your room while other people can admire.

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